digital collection strategies

Including digital in your collection strategy

How to include digital in your collection process Debt collection companies are investing in digital techniques and technology.  But what exactly is digital collections, and why does it matter?  Digital collection is the use of real-time intelligence and customer signals to deliver a personalized experience when paying a debt or bill using digital channels i.e…

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Episode 15: Technology Fundamentals The Unsexy Core of Success

What you’ll learn about in this episode What you’ll learn about in this episodeDebt collection is being transformed through changes in technology, Regulation, the economy landscape and the manner that people are interacting with customer service channels.  Does Digital Collection open pathways to an improved experience, and better results? In this episode we’ll dive into…

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Episode 04: Benchmarking

What you’ll learn about in this episode:  “The accounts receivable management industry is dominated by small, privately held companies which make finding broad benchmarking data difficult because there is little public financial data available and few companies are willing to part with sensitive financial data.”   Key benefits and strongest elements of a benchmark group. How…

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