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Episode 04: Benchmarking

What you’ll learn about in this episode: 

“The accounts receivable management industry is dominated by small, privately held companies which make finding broad benchmarking data difficult because there is little public financial data available and few companies are willing to part with sensitive financial data.”  

  • Key benefits and strongest elements of a benchmark group.
  • How to overcome the dynamics of trust with small to midsize agencies
  • How to go about starting or finding the right group
  • Steps and what you should and shouldn’t do
  • SIze of the group and size of the companies
  • Harry shares valuable insights he’s gained from years of experience.
  • KPIs the good and the bad
  • Benchmarking reports you should seek right now

Guest: Harry Strausser III

Harry is a second-generation collection veteran having held the position of President of two successful collection firms until the sale of those firms in May 2017.  Throughout his career Harry was active in the Mid-Atlantic Collectors Association where he served as President, and ACA International, Inc., the association of credit and collection professionals, in which he is a Senior Certified Trainer. He has served on the ACA International Executive Committee and held the position of President in 2004-2005. He currently holds the position of President of Applied Innovation, a software company that serves the ARM space.

He holds an MA in communication from Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania and a BS in business administration from the same institution. He has served as a full-time adjunct professor for the Department of Communication Studies at Bloomsburg University where he taught interpersonal communication, public speaking, and corporate communication. As a sought-after industry speaker, he has traveled extensively across the United States and internationally during which he has conducted over 1000 educational and motivational programs for associations, private enterprises, conferences, and public seminar events.

Harry enjoys travel, music, working outdoors at his home, and spending time with his family and two golden retrievers, Tindaqwae (Tin- Dah-Quay) and Luna.


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