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Episode 02: Connection is Currency

What you’ll learn about in this episode: 

There’s a shift in brand awareness and transparency, especially with the pandemic.  Learn about how companies can get the right message out there to be on the right side of change.

How changing your mindset will position your company for growth

Learn what differentiates successful debt collection companies from the rest

Learn how to cultivate the right culture, find and hire rockstars

Learn about the psychological burden of debt and how can we move forward to make sure we’re evolving our practices to meet the new normal that revolves around emotions and why we should invest in human capital.

Guest: Mary Shores

Mary Shores is a second-generation collection agency owner, a bestselling author, and an international speaker. Her current passion in life is promoting collector training and development through The Collection Advantage online training program, which features Mary’s extensive studies into neuroscience and compassion to teach collectors how to execute high-converting, empathetic scripting.


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Mary’s Core 4

When things seem overwhelming and too many projects are clouding your everyday work, find 4 key areas you need to focus on in your business. Channel all of your strategic planning into these 4 areas. If something comes up that isn’t part of the core 4, don’t pursue it. Get it off of your plate somehow. Maybe delegate to someone else. Maybe put it off for a few months. Whatever the case may be, just make sure to focus on your core 4. 

Onward Nation’s Stephen Woessner gave a good research link on this topic and I’ll share that again here for listeners  https://www.edelman.com/research/the-action-mandate-for-brands

The Biggest Secret in Collections

3 Keys to Establish Credibility in the New Normal

Use This to Write Your Next Collector Job Ad

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