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Kindred Force Media Provides easy to understand concise information on the most impactful challenges facing the debt collection ecosystem.  By giving a voice to the important role it plays in our economy, and the impact it has in people’s lives, we’re reframing the narrative around debt collection with real stories of people, dealing with complex financial problems and the power authentic emotional connection plays in the process.  

Lex Patterson

Inquisitive communicator and storyteller with deep accounts receivable and leadership experience.  Lex delves into intimate, deep, and often intense conversation surrounding debt collection.  By asking the right questions aimed at a desire to educate, inspire and empower you to discover, explore, uncover, unlock and unleash new possibilities.

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About Kindred Force

Built upon the belief that the foundation of our success rests upon the experience we develop with our employees, our clients, and the consumers we interact with even and especially in, times of disruption 

Story’s shape our lives and have the ability to transform our world, yet the stories of the debt collection industry have, for the most part, gone untold.  

We hope to change that and to explore debt collection in a new light.