Evolving in the “New Normal”

Now more than ever, people crave human connection, which drives decisions including the people we ant to do business with. ~ Mary Shores

Our vision for a new podcast that would explore overlooked, misunderstood stories in the debt collection space is now live. Our goal to ignite a conversation about topics in the debt collection space that hadn’t been given the room to breathe has begun. Our audience is growing and our aim is that our topic choices and the conversations we’re engaging in with our guests inspire our listeners to think differently, question the status quo, and make positive changes in our industry and beyond.  

Nothing could exemplify this vision more than the conversations I’ve had in the first half of season 1. Connecting on a deep level with industry veterans who’ve been willing to engage in candid discussions surrounding what’s working and where they’re looking for answers, giving listeners a glimpse into debt collection in a way that has been missing. As you listen to them tell their stories you hear real people, doing a very difficult, but very necessary job of solving problems for creditors, consumers and our economy. You hear, passionate, hard working, caring people navigating the puzzling obstacle course of trying to connect with people the way the want to connect, while dealing with compliance standards that are extremely outdated.

We’re only a few episodes into this season, but one theme has emerged. Now more than ever it’s important to get in touch with your brand promise. Understanding what you stand for, and not only communicating that, but also walking the talk will make or break your business, and will also impact the perception of our industry.

Let Your Actions Be The Megaphone

Consistency and authenticity is key. Thought leader, speaker and teacher Mary Shores spoke with me on Episode 2 about this opportunity, and also shared it in a blog post which can be found here. https://www.maryshores.com/post/3-ways-agency-owners-can-stay-ahead-in-an-evolving-new-normal

Tune in to learn learn more, and if you want to add to the conversation, as a guest or with a topic Idea you’d like to learn about please drop us a line via our contact page

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