Our Why

Our best work happens when we contribute something new, something generous, something that makes an improvement.  ~Seth Godin

When we began this new journey of creating a podcast our goal was to ignite a conversation about topics in the debt collection space that hadn’t been given the room to breathe.  It’s not important how many are listening.  What is important is who is listening… Let me explain.  We did not enter into this podcasting project to become the next Joe Rogan with millions of followers.  We show up for anyone who finds value and important information or aha moments in the conversations we’re having.  The aim is that our topic choices and the conversations we’re engaging in with our guests inspire our listeners to think differently, question the status quo, and make positive changes in our industry and beyond.  

Our why is to bring life to the misunderstood, and overlooked stories in the debt collection space from various perspectives to improve the interactions, and results for all involved in an entertaining and informative way.  If this “why” resonates with you please follow us, and subscribe to our podcast, and most of all please join the conversation…

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