Lex’s Story

Lex began his journey in the debt collections industry in 1988 when he joined DAKCS Software Systems, a growing software company that was helping debt collection agencies automate their collection processes.  Initially hiring on as a part-time temporary employee, installing revisions, Lex quickly became a valued team member.  Over the course of a 33-year career, he led teams in various aspects of the business including technical support, project management, and sales and marketing ultimately leading the company.  He’s visited many collection shops, walked many collection floors, listened to and helped solve many business problems, and was part of the technology evolution of the industry.

Lex stepped down after 14 years as President in 2020.  After a year of leadership transition, he was ready for his next challenge. Feeling that his experience in the debt collection space, leadership, and technology could all merge into creating a new podcast to bring value to listeners by exploring the industry in a new and different way.   He is curious and open-minded, with a passion for learning.  His easy-going style and his approach to listening to understand help tell the story.  His intuition and conceptual ability to generate and translate concepts and ideas into relatable topics enhancing understanding, inspiring, and empowering the listener to discover, uncover, unlock and unleash new possibilities.

Along with his lovely wife of 41 years, Lex resides in Harrisville just north of Salt Lake City Utah.

When not working to hone his new craft podcasting, you can find him spending time with his family, fly-fishing a favorite river, exploring new places via twisty roads on the seat of a motorcycle, or behind the lens of a camera.

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  1. As you know we both started with DAKCS the same year 1988. I have great memories about all the team and especially knowing Kent and of course playing golf with him and others of the DAKCS team several times. I haven’t retired as of yet always thinking about it but who knows?
    I spend most my “down time” with my wife of 39 years or getting in 18 holes when I get a chance.
    Good luck going forward, Lex

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